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Custom Orthotics

Once our podiatrist has thoroughly evaluated your feet, we can get you fully customized orthotics.

We’re a Five-Star Clinic

Come visit us. We’re conveniently located in the White Oaks Shopping Mall in North Edmonton.

High-Quality Custom Orthotics in Edmonton

Orthotics, or a biomechanical apparatus, is a widely used treatment to correct foot problems. A custom made orthotic device stabilizes your foot and controls how you walk. By fitting your foot and your shoes, an orthotic device is a cost-effective way to ease foot pain and discomfort. At White Oaks Foot & Ankle Clinic in Edmonton, we prescribe orthotics if an off-the-shelf product or other therapies, such as workouts at home, have not been successful.

Orthotics can be part of a thorough care strategy to alleviate different complications, usually related to pain and stiffness in the lower limbs.

Many of the targets a doctor may have for orthotics therapy include:

Correcting deformities of the foot
Helping the foot or ankle to perform properly
To give protection to the ankle
Reducing the risk of more injury

At White Oaks Foot & Ankle Clinic in Edmonton, we specialize in creating the orthotic device perfect for your condition.

How Are Orthotics Made?

Creating custom orthotics is a five-step process:

Examination by a podiatrist
Making a mould of the foot with a neutral suspension cast
Sending the cast to a certified podiatry lab
Dispensing the custom made orthotic
Follow up and further treatment if needed

Orthotics Products Provided by Us

At White Oaks Foot & Ankle Clinic, we provide the following orthotic products:

Be Fit. Be Strong.

We offer the support you need to receive a professional and comfortable orthotic treatment.

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