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Did You Know Alberta Health Covers a Portion of Your Visit?

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Custom Orthotics

Once our podiatrist has thoroughly evaluated your feet, we can get you fully customized orthotics.

We’re a Five-Star Clinic

Come visit us. We’re conveniently located in the White Oaks Shopping Mall in North Edmonton.

We Specialize in Wart Diagnosis & Removal

A wart is one of the soft tissue disorders that exist on the foot. They're sometimes mistaken for calluses. Children, particularly adolescents, appear to be more vulnerable to warts than adults, which is likely attributed to a poorly evolved immune system. Warts also surface with very tiny black spots.

The virus is found in wet, humid conditions such as swimming pools and showers, and causes warts, which normally invade the skin by tiny or unseen cuts and abrasions. Plantar warts are also acquired when walking barefoot on the areas where the virus is present. 

If left unchecked, warts may spread and form clusters. If you have a wart related problem, contact White Oaks Foot & Ankle Clinic to get yourself treated.

How Can You Help Yourself?

Like every other lesion that is infectious, plantar warts are spread by rubbing, scratching, or having contact with the skin from another wart.

Some preventative measures that you can take are mentioned below:

Avoid walking barefoot especially in showers or swimming pools
Change shoes every day
Wash feet daily and keep them dry

How Can a Podiatrist Help You?

Here’s how a podiatrist can help you:

Performing a physical examination
Applying the medication to the wart and/or prescribing medication to enhance the immune system
Surgically removing the wart
Removing the wart through laser treatment

Treatment for Warts

Remove the pain caused by foot warts using the most advanced laser procedure currently available.

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